What Is Applied Kinesiology?


 Applied Kinesiology was first taught and named by George Goodheart D.C. (1918-2008), a Chiropractic Physician from Michigan. Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that evaluates structural, chemical and emotional aspects of health using muscle testing combined with other standard methods of diagnosis. Applied Kinesiology is credited as being the original muscle testing technique in our history.  


More About Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is based on concepts of traditional Chinese Medicine. We are made of energy and all that is around us is made of energy (this has now been proven in Quantum Physics!). Muscle testing gives the doctor an inside look at the energy flow of the body, ie. what energy systems are flowing well or which systems may need more support. This information helps the doctor figure out what your body needs, how often, how much, and when it no longer needs that particular support. This support could be through but not limited to food recommendations, nutritional supplementation, homeopathic remedies, stress release, or manual therapy. Dr. Markus is also trained in Nutrition Response Testing and Morphogenic Field Technique. These techniques use a sequence of muscle testing challenges to various reflex points on the body and substance testing vials. These vials are used with muscle testing to reveal any energetic sensitivities (food sensitivities, chemical exposure, metals, immune challenges, etc.) that may be suppressing healing. These techniques are based off of traditional AK but offer the doctor the extra tool of substance testing vials. Once the energetic sensitivities are discovered, the practitioner then determines what therapies will be most effective in supporting the healing process.